Offshore Company Formation in UAE

A to Z Business Consulting provides you with best option for the UAE Offshore Company. Formation of the UAE Offshore Company through A-Z Consultancy is fast and rates are affordable. We provide you with advice on adequate Offshore Center in UAE, activities, regulations and etc. for each of the centers.

Advantage of UAE Offshore Company

  • Strict confidentiality on ownership

  • 100% foreign ownership

  • Fast incorporation

  • Auditing not required

  • Low setting-up costs

  • Multiple activities with one license

  • No restrictions on nationality

  • Bank account for Offshore company in UAE or worldwide

Offshore Company in UAE and use

IBC can be considered as a synonym of Offshore Company. It is a company incorporated in one of the Offshore Centers inside Free Zone. It serves the purpose of carrying out international business. IBC can be incorporated by individuals or companies. UAE offshore company has some limitations (see below).

  • UAE Offshore Company (IBC) is entitled to have a bank account in the UAE

  • Shareholder of IBC can’t have residence visa

  • UAE Offshore (IBC) cannot carry out business in the UAE

  • UAE Offshore company(IBC) can’t have physical office in the UAE (only registered one)

Offshore Company in UAE


UAE Offshore Company (IBC) can be used for trading, intermediary or professional services, as property holding companies, shareholders or investors of other the UAE companies. The only restricted activities are finances, insurance, media and aviation.


In the UAE all the details about shareholders and directors of an Offshore Company (IBCs) are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to public.


Your company will have a registered office in the UAE – center of global business and prestigious destination for all international investors.


Offshore Company can open bank accounts in many banks in the UAE and have numerous accounts in different banks. Bank account can be also opened abroad.

Primary Free Zone Centers in UAE for Offshore Company formations are:

2. Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)
4. AFZA Free Zone

A to Z Consultancy is a registered agent for RAK Offshore and offer reduced rate on this incorporation.

RAK ICC registered agent

How to setup UAE Offshore Company

  • Decide on center, activity, structure and names for the company. If you need help contact us.

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