RAKICC International Business Company Formation

Form RAK ICC International Business Company through A-Z Business Consultancy, Registered Agent and your confidentiality is granted. Setup RAK ICC Offshore Company with nominees in 2 working days! As we are Registered Agent (Corporate Service Provider’s License-RAKOFFSHORE L1 01 11 131) of RAK International Corporate Centre our fees are reasonable starting from AED 7,999 (US $ 2,191); there are no unforeseen costs; resident secretary is not mandatory. Introduction to the bank of your choice is free of charge!

We are offering good deals and special rates for merge to non approved RAK Offshore Agents!

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Type of companies that can be incorporated with RAK ICC:

Note: currently it is possible only to incorporate Companies Limited by Shares with RAKICC, starting from 01.10.2016

RAK International Corporate Centre is governed by the regulations mentioned below:

RAK International Corporate Centre is a perfect location for international business operations and asset protection schemes. If you are searching for an offshore location in the United Arab Emirates to setup Ltd. without too much cost and fast, then RAKICC is the best solution.
Official RAKICC website

Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) , the Corporate Registry has been formed by the consolidation of two International Business Company registries; namely RAK International Companies under RAK Free Trade Zone Authorities and RAK Offshore under Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority. IBC(s) incorporated with RAK International Companies & RAK Offshore will be re-registered to RAK International Corporate Centre.


Package for RAKICC IBC Company

This package includes the following documents:AEDUS $
- Certificate of Incorporation
- MOA and AOA
- Registered agent service for 12 months
- Courier charges
Express package - in addition to the above, Share Certificate, Minutes of first meeting, Extract on shareholders and directors, 48 hours incorporation time and introduction to the bank of client's choice.8,9992,465
Renewal fees (inclusive of Good Standing Certificate)5,9991,650

RAKICC IBC Formation Procedure

Once the original documents and payment are received setup will be completed in 5 OR 2 working days (depend on option chosen)

  1. Client provides advanced copy of passports for shareholder(s) and director(s)
  2. A-Z Consulting obtains approval on activity and company name
  3. Necessary forms and MOA are prepared by A to Z Business Consulting
  4. Client sends originals of MOA, forms, Bank reference letter(s) and utility bill(s) to Dubai.
  5. Documents are submitted to RAK ICC Authorities.
  6. The Incorporation Certificate for RAK ICC IBC Company is issued.

Why to form RAK ICC Offshore Company

  • Tax exemption

  • No paid-up share capital

  • Single or multiple directors

  • No requirement for audit

  • Companies can do business outside of the UAE

  • Low costs setup

  • Registered address in the UAE

About RAK ICC Offshore Company

RAK International Corporate Centre is solely responsible for registrations of International Business Companies and become operational starting from 01.10.2016. RAK ICC is a highly regulated and compliant jurisdiction offering state of the art products with detailed attention to the Channel Partners/ Registered Agents. The IBCs incorporated with the Jurisdiction are mostly used for wealth management and assets protection, holding shares in local companies and companies established internationally, holding assets, real properties, open bank accounts at local and international banks.

Shareholders’ confidentiality is the top priority. Identity of shareholders and directors are kept confidential by RAK International Corporate Centre.

RAK ICC registered agent

Activities not allowed for RAK ICC Company:

  • Carry on business with persons in the Zone unless expressly authorized to do so by RAK ICC;

  • Carry on any other business which may, by regulations made by RAK ICC, be prohibited by RAK ICC;

  • Carry on banking business in the UAE or the Zone; or

  • Carry on business as an insurance or reinsurance company, insurance agent or insurance broker in the UAE or the Zone.

Documents mandatory for RAK ICC Offshore Company

  • Passport copy and short CV

  • Visa or entry stamp to the UAE (if applicable)

  • Original proof of personal physical address – latest utility bill

  • Original personal bank reference letter

  • 3 Names for the company and activity

Renewal of RAKICC Offshore Company

Renewal should be done one month prior from the date of expiry, where 30 days from the date of expiry is the grace period for processing without penalty. If the renewal is applied in 180 days from the date of expiry, a penalty will be charged for each month after the expiring date.

Nominee Services

Nominee services are a means of protecting interests of one party by hiring another individual or business entity to represent them. Nominee service provides a way to cover one’s ownership or involvement in a business or ownership of shares. While people use nominee services for various reasons, the most common reason is to keep investments and asset ownership information private.
Some people assume that if you use nominee services, you are involved in some form of illegal activity- however this is not true. A number of major corporations use nominee services as a strategy to protect assets from legal action, cover involvement in acquisitions and reduce taxation.

Choosing the right company to handle your nominee service requirements is of the main importance. The selected company should be registered agent and trusted provider with an exceptional reputation for protecting the privacy of various clients.
A to Z Consultancy is right choice to handle your nominee services requirements. On client’s request we can form RAK Offshore Company with a nominees’ service. Contact us for nominees’ fees!

Open Bank Account for RAKICC IBC Company

After getting corporate documents for offshore company, shareholder or director or third person (with POA) can apply for offshore bank account. Offshore bank account can be opened in any of the UAE banks or in the chosen bank abroad. It is mandatory for signatory of the account to be present in the UAE to sign all necessary forms for bank account opening. read more…

How to setup RAK ICC Offshore Company

  • Chose the activity that fits your business and names for the company.

  • Contact us  to book offshore company name and for incorporation.

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