Marshall Islands Offshore Company Formation

Form your Marshall Islands Company for only US $ 1,200.  There are no unforeseen costs.

Marshall Islands Offshore Company is excellent solution for holding vessels, securities and bank accounts, entering joint ventures, trust and estate planning, asset protection, public offerings for raising capital in world markets and international trade. With Marshall Islands Offshore Company (LLC or Ltd.) anonymity of shareholders, directors or officers is granted.


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Why Marshal Islands Offshore Company

  • No minimum company share capital required for Marshall Islands Offshore Company

  • Minimum number of Marshall Islands company directors is one

  • Company secretary is required for Corporations (can be same as Director)

  • There is a choice for public records: you may choose to file information on director/shareholder at the Public Register, or you may keep it.

  • Available name-endings for a Marshall Islands offshore corporation: “Limited”, “Corporation, “Incorporated”, “Society Anonyme”, “Aktiengesellschaft”, or abbreviations “Ltd.”, “Corp.”, “Inc.”, “S.A.”, “A.G.

  • Shelf companies available.

Marshall Islands Company


All non-resident business entities registered in the RMI are governed by the RMI Associations Law. The RMI Associations Law is primarily modeled after the corporate laws of the US state of Delaware and statutorily exempts all non-resident entities from taxes.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the creation of a business entity, the usual goal is to maximize its profitability while minimizing the risk of exposing its beneficial owners to personal liability.

Even though the Marshall Islands BCA is modeled after the corporate laws of the United States, certain provisions have also been taken from British law. These allow the adoption of a Managing Director and a Corporate Secretary as officers of the corporation. The corporation’s office, where its records are kept, may be located in any country. Facsimile filings are allowed in the Marshall Islands and corporations are never required to have corporate documents certified by a consular official.

Utilization of Business Entities Includes:

  • Real estate investment
  • Holding securities and bank accounts
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Joint ventures
  • Public offerings for raising capital in world markets
  • International trade
  • Holding patents and trademarks
  • Holding vessels

Business Entity with Marshall Islands Registry

  1. IBC Marshall Islands
    International Business Corporations (IBCs) are one of the widely used business vehicles. IBCs are considered separate legal entities and are used for a variety of purposes, such as holding securities and bank accounts, entering joint ventures, trust and estate planning, asset protection, public offerings for raising capital in world markets, international trade, and holding vessels.
    With MI IBCs shareholders are maximize profitability and minimizing personal liability. In the event of a business loss or lawsuit, shareholder liability is limited to his/her capital investment in the corporation.
  2. LLC Marshall Islands
    A limited liability company (LLC) is the best mixture of an International Business Corporation (IBC) and a partnership. The members are protected from personal liability in excess of their capital investment. Members can flexibly allocate gains and losses. With flexible management, the LLC is an excellent solution for venture capital projects, investment in real estate, oil, or technology, as well as research and development of business. In addition, the LLC may be conveniently employed in the types of parent-subsidiary arrangements inherent to large corporations because either an individual or an entity may be a member.
    Members are not required to participate in the management of the entity; instead, they may designate “managers” to manage the affairs of the LLC. However, even if members choose to be actively involved in managing the LLC, they still keep their limited liability.
  3. Partnerships Marshall Islands
    In contrast to an International Business Corporation (IBC), a partnership offers flexible management control and assignment of responsibilities, and gains and losses may be freely allocated among the partners. However, a general partnership does not protect its partners from business losses in excess of their capital investment. Partners are jointly and severally liable for the obligations and their personal assets may be at risk.
  4. FME
    A foreign maritime entity (FME) is a legal entity created under the laws of a jurisdiction other than the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) that is eligible to own vessels when registered in the RMI pursuant to Section 119 of the Business Corporations Act (BCA).

Preocedure to form Marshall Islands Offshore Company

After name reservation, companies can be incorporated using standard Articles of Incorporation. With standard Articles, the request to incorporate should contain the following information:

  • Corporate Name
  • Number of authorised shares
  • Whether shares have par or no par value (if par value, amount per share)
  • Whether the shares are to be in bearer and/or registered form

If clients own Articles of Incorporation are to be used, these must be prepared in accordance with the Marshall Islands BCA.

There is no mandatory requirement to file the names of directors, officers, or shareholders with the Registrar of Corporations or Registered Agent. However, this information may be filed or recorded voluntarily.

MI Registry does not have a members register in the Marshall Islands, hence it is not required to inform Registry of the any change of members. However, if client wants to have a document issued by the Registry mentioning the new Member, a Certificate of Members can be filed on the public register or a Certificate of Incumbency can be recorded.

General Information on Marshall Islands Offshore Company

Share Capital
The standard authorised share capital is 500 shares without par value or a capital with a stated par value up to US$ 50,000. The authorised share capital may be expressed in any currency. The minimum issued share capital is either one share of no par value or one share of par value.

Classes of Shares Permitted
Shares may be issued either in registered or bearer form, or both. Shares may be of par or no par value. Par value shares may be denominated in any currency.

The minimum number of directors is one. The directors may be natural persons or bodies corporate. They can be of any nationality and need not be Marshall Islands residents. It is not required to file name of the Director with the Registry.

Company Secretary
A Marshall Islands corporation must appoint a company secretary who may be a natural person or a corporate body. The company secretary can be of any nationality and need not be resident in the Marshall Islands.

The minimum number of shareholders is one and can be any nationality. It is not required to file name of the Shareholder /Member with the Registry.

Restrictions on Trading
Trading is not allowed within the Marshall Islands. Cannot undertake the business of banking; trust services, insurance, assurance or reinsurance and gaming.

Time to Incorporate
One day, but a further two days is required for delivery of documentation from the Registry.

The Marshall Islands Company has a tax-free status, including exemption on all income tax, dividends, interest, rents, royalties, and capital gains from the sale of company shares.

In place of tax, there is a fixed annual government fee, as well as an annual registered agent fee.

For more information please visit official IRI Web Site :

How to proceed with an Offshore Registration in Marshall Islands

  • Decide on type of company and activity and contact our advisor for quote.

  • Contact us for Marshal Islands Offshore Company setup.

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