The Owner & Managing Director of A-Z Business Consulting, Alexandra Bogdanovic , our most experienced consultant will help you to setup Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore business in the United Arab Emirates. Most of her life she lived in multicultural societies in the Middle East, last 20 years in the UAE. As a mixture of three different cultures, born in ex-Yugoslavia, grown up in the Middle East and educated in Switzerland and USA, she will be an excellent choice to understand all your needs and provide excellent service to clients coming from different countries.  In order to get proper experience in the Gulf she worked in various industries including bank industry (i.e. Lloyds TSB Dubai). Last 6 years she is successfully managing A-Z Consultancy, the UAE.

A to Z Consultancy

RAK Office: RAK FTZ, BC 6 Business Park, 01C

Dubai: Fairmont offices, office 723
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Alexandra Bogdanovic

Mobile:+ 971-50-425 1572

Office: +971-7-2076737 | Fax: +971-7-2076738