Setup Low costs Free Zone Company in Dubai

Setup at low costs free zone company in Dubai! A-Z Consulting has been well-known in providing clients with the best solutions for the business startup in Dubai. Through our professional and dedicated advisors, we direct our client to the most appropriate location for their Company incorporation, recommending them the most value added packages.

See below special offers for some free zones.

Commercial LicenseAED 29,900
Service LicenseAED 29,900
GT LicenceAED 49,900

Registration & License Fees

Smart Desk/smart office, allocation of 2 visas

Commercial LicenseAED 15,500
Industrial LicenseAED 15,500
Service License*AED 18,500
GT LicenseAED 40,000
Logistics License*AED 40,000

Registration & License Fees
*only branch of UAE based companies

Commercial LicenseAED 33,600
Media LicenseAED 33,600
Consulting LicenseAED 33,600

Registration & License Fees

Flexi Desk and establishment card

Commercial licenseAED 18,500
Service licenseAED 18,500
FacilityAED 20,500

Legal structure of company: FTZE, FTZCO, branch

Commercial LicenseAED 52,030
Service LicenseAED 29,900
GT License*AED 82,030

Registration, License Fees, flexi desk and allocation of 3 visas
*Full business plan required and office space

Commercial licenseAED 33,650
Media licenseAED 33,650
Consulting licenseAED 33,650

Included: flexi desk, registration fees, License Fees

How to start low costs Free Zone Company in Dubai

  • Decide on free zone, activity, structure and names for the company.
    If you need more details contact us.
  • Contact us for incorporation.

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