Register free zone business in Sharjah with Hamriya Free Zone

Set up your Hamriya free zone (HFZA) company with A-Z Consulting in one day. Register your company today and get 10m2 e-office and 3 residence visas.

We will guide you through company registration of HFZ trading company, HFZA manufacturing company, or Al Hamriya Free Zone Service Company. A-Z Consultancy will obtain Al Hamriya Free Zone license in one day.

Why HAFZA Free Zone

  • Full ownership of your business

  • Fast (one) day incorporation

  • Capital is not required

  • Package fees for FZE start from AED 9,000

  • Commercial / Service license – 3 activities

  • Office: HBC ; No visa provision

  • E-office – 10 sq. meters

  • Reasonable  consultant’s set-up fees

  • Investment in own resources license


Al Hamriyah Free Zone is located in the Emirate of Sharjah, which is 10km away from Dubai and 76 Kilometers away from Abu Dhabi. Sharjah is the only one of seven emirates with ports on the Arabian Gulf’s west and east coasts with direct access to the Indian Ocean, and an International Airport.
7 Magnificent Zone the creation of seven sub zones that is an innovative approach that is making a significant, visible difference to the SME community at HFZA. The seven sub zones that form the Hamriyah 7 Magnificent Zone comprise  Oil & Gas Zone, Petrochemical Zone, Steel City, Construction World, Timber Land, Maritime City, Perfume Land and complimented by E-Office packages.

Activities Allowed by the HFZA Free Zone

Almost any activity is permitted by HFZ as long as the activity is environmentally friendly and in accordance with local rules.

Type of License Al Hamiya Free Zone, Sharjah

1. Industrial License
2. Commercial License/General Trading License (investment in own resources license also available
3. Service License

E-Office Packages (start up package) with HFZA

Instead of flexi-desk, investors are getting 10 sq. meters separate office with any license.

Other Leasing facilities HFZA, Sharjah

Pre-built warehouses, factories and offices are available for investors to take advantage of, and for those who require tailor-made facilities there are industrial plots available for lease.

  • Office Units – from 15m2 to 42 m2
  • Land for lease – Tailor made development
  • Warehouses (sizes 614 m2, 416 m2 and 275 m2)

E-office Packages (10 m2 office):

Commercial / Service License (FZC only), up to 3 products – AED 21,000 inclusive of registration and license fees, allocation of 5 visas.

Import-Export Trading / Service License (FZC/FZE), up to 5 products – AED 26,000 inclusive of registration and license fees, allocation of 6 visas.

General Trading License / Investment in own resources License (FZC/FZE) – AED 36,000 inclusive of registration and license fees, allocation of 7 visas.


How to proceed with Al Hamriya Free Zone Company set up

  • Decide on activity, structure and names for the company. If you need help contact us.

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